I miss the click.

Everyone's got an opinion. 

Now, more than ever, everyone is happy to share it with you on a social media platform.  We as a country must now weigh in on everything.  Pick a topic, most of us have an opinion and are willing to tell you about it whether we're asked to or not. 

Jesus, organized religion, "the culture", childrearing, healthcare, fidget spinners, peach ice cream.

 Are you sick of it?  Exhausted by the endless degrading weight of it all?  Hold on, here it comes, opinion headed your way, my truth (sic),


I know there are wonderful things about the Internet Age, but the sharing of opinion with total strangers, or long-forgotten friends from high school or church camp is not one of them. 

 Trigger warning: Old Guy Memory Ahead.

I remember the satisfying sound of "click."   When you were done listening to the radio or television thirty or forty years ago, the weight of  the machine itself, the heft of the radio, had a dial that actually made a clicking sound as you turned the radio or television off or on.  It was an act of engagement. 

The click was poetry, an invitation to join something larger than yourself. 

At the very least, who of us doesn't remember the "handshake" as your computer modem logged onto the internet in the days of dial-up?  The click of the dial or handshake let you know you were now engaged in an exchange.  The music from the radio, or the chatter of the host poured out of the speaker and you were the audience, left to agree or disagree in your own mind.  Now, good gravy, most things in entertainment or communication require you to be an active participant.  You reach over and pick up your iphone and there is no click, it's always ON, always Facebook or Twitter ready for you to dive in fingers first, brain second.

Maybe it's just an age thing and I'm growing musty but do I really have to know what you think of the President?  Do you really care what I think?  I hope not, honest I do.  There are few great minds that walk the earth.  Most of us, (I'll raise my hand if you will) are regular people with the occasional deep insight or perhaps flash of brilliance.  I'm not trying to degrade the human race here, but short of your family and a select few of your close friends, who cares what you think? Do you really care, or want to deeply know what's going on inside the guy who works in accounting down the hall?  

I miss the click. 

Next time I reach for the phone I'll try and remember that sound, and then I'll put the phone down and read a good book.  

John HallComment