Cherries and Watermelon

I looked in the fridge last Saturday.

To my delight, I saw a bowl of cherries (washed) and freshly-cut slices of watermelon.

My mouth had just won the grand prize. 

It was as if my taste buds were about to be given the Stanley Cup of fruit. I wrestled with the dilemma for a few seconds.  What will it be?

Both had great attributes, the watermelon cold and crisp was at its summer peak perfection.  The cherries on the other hand, I mean, they're cherries, it's summer, how can I not eat them right this second? 

So I did.  That is to say I ate them both. A bowl of watermelon, a bowl of cherries, and I'm sitting in the backyard while the family is off somewhere. 

Seriously, is God not good?    

John HallComment