For the Good of Humanity?

The latest video from the Center for Medical Progress debuted today

The 7th in a series of undercover recordings on the “inner workings” of Planned Parenthood & their disposal of the products of the 327,000 abortions they performed last year in the US raced around the internet today.  By “inner workings,” I mean we get to see & hear some of the discussions that Planned Parenthood & StemExpress officials conduct -- how to kill the fetus, how to remove it so as to preserve its organs, and how to sell it to research facilities who can “make the most” out of its parts.  For the good of humanity.

Today’s video is disturbing — just like each of its predecessors.  Combining surreptitious recordings of Planned Parenthood bigwigs tossing back salad mouthfuls & gulps of red wine with discussions of “intact calvariums,” — that’s whole heads, to people like us, obtained by abortion & provided for research— it’s a nausea-inducing 10 1/2 minutes of video.  This episode, though, is set apart because of Holly O’Donnell, a phlebotomist working for the tissue procurement company Stem Express.  She appeared in another of the films as well, but this time she tells the gruesome tale of seeing an abortion performed, and an intact, fully-formed baby emerging.  Her supervisor said, “Hey Holly, come over here, this is cool,” and showed her … that the baby’s heart was still beating.  Nothing was done to encourage the child to breathe.  Instead, the supervisor instructed Ms O’Donnell — step by step — to dissect the head, so as to obtain both hemispheres of the brain.  For research.

Good God. 

What have we done, here in the land of the free, the home of the brave?  We’ve elevated reason, idolized science, congratulated each other on our intellectual advancements, & scrubbed the idea of God from our public discourse.  “We need to be rational,” we’ve told each other.  “What true for you, isn’t true for everyone else,”  and “Can’t we just let everyone be happy?”

Well, guess what?  There were 327,000 people last year who were killed before they had a CHANCE to be happy.  And how much time have we spent this year proclaiming the unhappiness, the injustices in Ferguson MO, in Long Island NY, in Charleston SC, in Baltimore MD?  Why was America angry?  What made people cry and scream and march in the streets?  Why did we mourn, and take stock, and reconsider our own prejudices & shortcomings?

Because people were dead

Michael Brown, Freddie Gray,  Eric Garner, and Walter Scott, his murder captured on undercover video, too.  These deaths made a whole country STOP, and it for sure should have. Our media ran video, & talked to commentators. Our President called for justice. Our Facebook posts & tweets were full of righteous indignation.  We all took stock, and it was about time.

But what about the death on THIS video, today?  Little media attention, scattered Facebook posts & tweets, our President & his entire staff say they haven’t even seen it, or any of the previous videos.  I mean, can you IMAGINE if President Obama said that he hadn’t watched the video of Walter Scott’s shooting by a policeman in Charleston SC?? Can you imagine?  We’d be incensed.  There’d be people storming the White House, there’d be riots in the streets all over America.

So why is this different?  Why is this death, on video, not an injustice?  Not an abomination?  Not worth defending?  Not worth mourning?

It’s not hidden anymore. 

It’s not a mystery.  Abortion is ugly, it’s dark, it’s killing.  And our unrestrained march toward the apex of science with little regard for life is a stubborn, wicked strain of the eugenics movement championed by Francis Galton, Charles Davenport, Adolf Hitler, and Margaret Sanger, herself the founder of Planned Parenthood.  It’s time to stand up, take stock, get our house in order, and remember that it was God Himself who told us to “choose life.”  And that’s life for Eric Garner, for Walter Scott, for every woman who’s been victimized by the abortion machine in this country, and for THAT baby, in that video, today.








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