Where in the World is Christmas Timmy?


WORD-FM’s Timmy the Intern is out and about the Pittsburgh area the month of December. Check back often to see Timmy’s photos as he goes about his station duties. Find Timmy on social media (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Keep track of, and then name all his locations and you could WIN big this Holiday Season!

bobbing timmy.gif

How To Play

  1. When you see the day’s photo, guess the location where Timmy is

  2. Write down the date and location

  3. Put your list somewhere safe...you'll need the answers later!

  4. By the end of Wed Dec 19th, come back to this post and submit your answers in the form below.

  5. The first submitted correct list WINS THE GRAND PRIZE. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced at 5:05pm on Thursday Dec 21st, live on the show.



Grand Prize: 
A tasty Christmas Smoked Ham from The SpringHouse! SpringHouse Hickory Smoked Ham is smoked long and slow in an old fashioned smokehouse using  only real hickory wood from the farm. An old time treat with that great smoky flavor that falls off the bone after baking!!

Runner Up:
Large Media Bundle of CDs & DVDs

Second Runner Up:
A Mystery Prize of station cheer.

Submit your answers here!

Dec. 19th we will release the final photo of Timmy! Missed Early photos? Go back to our social media news feeds to find all the pictures of Timmy!